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The American Instagram-model collected dozens of guys from Tinder for a competition for a date

It turned out to be an action of a marketing agency.

Photo from the meeting with the model Natasha Aponte. Snapshot of @bvdhai

Instagram model from New York Natasha Aponte cheated several dozen guys for a meeting through Tinder, and then arranged a competition between them for a meeting with her. About this on Twitter on August 19, said one of the participants in the meeting “Misha”.

According to Misha, he and Aponte met in Tinder “a few weeks ago.” After a short correspondence the girl referred to the employment and promised to write later. A week later, she called him to a meeting at Union Square (one of Manhattan’s main squares), where supposedly her friend DJ was supposed to perform ..

On the square Misha saw about 100 people, but did not immediately realize that most of them are men. Aponte wrote to him that he was a little late. At some point Misha saw how Aponte climbed onto the stage, accompanied by two bodyguard

“She took the microphone and said:” Thank you for coming. I’m sure you’re curious about what’s going on. ” And I’m like this: “Yes, I wonder what the hell is” ”

“Then she says:” I invited you all to have a chance to meet with me “and pushes a speech in the style of the” Hunger Games “about what it’s worth to see her”

“There were all the guys she found in Tinder and to whom she wrote the same thing”

Edition Select All talked with several other men who were on a massive date with Aponte. They confirmed everything that Misha said. Another guy named David said that he asked the person standing next to him if he was going to meet with a girl named Natasha. Gradually, everyone began to understand what was going on, the young man asserts.

I came to a meeting, and there I played a DJ. I realized that hundreds of other guys were also waiting for Natasha. I left when I realized that this was a trick. I heard disgruntled exclamations when I left the square.

one of the participants in the meeting

On the stage, Aponte explained the conditions of a personal meeting with her and asked some of the men to leave the square, including those who do not want to get to the video.

I’m alone. The dating applications are very complex, and I thought, “How can I solve this problem?” Maybe I’ll meet with all personally, see how everything goes and solve it once and for all. So that you understand what it means to compete to get a date with me. Look around, can you hold out longer than the rest?

Half of you in a relationship, so these can go away immediately. According to statistics, half of the people in the applications for the relationship already are in the relationship. Such people must leave.

Natasha Aponte
instagram model

Who else asked Aponte to leave:

  • those who support Trump (she is a Puerto Rican and called this an impossible condition for relations);
  • those whose relationship ended on the initiative of the girl;
  • those who just searched for sex at one time;
  • those who have a “beer belly”;
  • those who have a long beard;
  • those who wear khaki clothes;
  • those who drink alcohol or smoke.

After the crowd decreased significantly, Aponte asked the remaining guys to do push-ups and run. The girl walked between the candidates and chose them, as in Tinder, “svaypaya” left or right. She also gave the guys a minute to explain why he should meet her.

As writes Select All, after the publication of the story in the media, Aponte closed her profile in Instagram. The publication claims that she lost “a few hundred subscribers overnight”. The model refused to comment on the event and advised the publication to contact the agency Rob Bliss Creative. The agency was promised later to issue an explanation of the action. The same information agency reported edition of The New York Post.

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