Fotozhaby: Four-meter Russian combat robot “Igoryok”

Move, Robocop and AT-ST from the “Star Wars”, the case enters Igoryok.

On August 21, the “Kalashnikov” concern presented several new developments at the “Army-2018” forum, among them automatic machines, electric motorcycles and buggies. But most of all users of social networks interested in the concept of a four-meter walking robot weighing 4.5 tons, which should solve “engineering and combat tasks.”

The device does not go yet – representatives of “Kalashnikov” promised to show a working model at one of the following exhibitions of the annual forum. Sources RBC told that the robot was given the name “Igoryok”, but in the concern it was denied.

“Igoryok” quickly became an object for jokes from users of Twitter, who noted that before that, Russian robots were not too impressive.

Also, bloggers noticed that the concept of the Russian combat robot is very similar to the devices from Robocop, the universe of Warhammer 40000 and the game series Metal Gear from Hideo Kojima .

“Igoryok” became the hero of numerous photoshoots from Twitter users and the“True Lentach” community .

The Russian robot was placed in films with similar devices – for example, in “Star Wars” and “Transformers.”

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