Architecture: Eco-hotel in Namibia, imitating a shipwreck

Individual buildings look like ships thrown ashore after a storm.

Photos of Denzel Bezuidenhoudt

Studio Nina Maritz Architects designed the eco-hotel Shipwreck Lodge, located near the Skeleton Coast and its outlines reminiscent of the hundreds of shipwrecks that occurred in this place.

The hotel is surrounded by white sand dunes, among which there are wild animals – hyenas, desert lions, elephants and giraffes. At the same time, Shipwreck Lodge owners promise to provide a high level of comfort and service.

Inside the premises are also decorated in such a way as to remind of the lost ships. Each house has a bedroom, a small lobby and a restroom. The main building also houses a common room and a restaurant.

According to the requirements of the National Park, on the territory of which the hotel is located, all buildings should have minimal impact on the environment, and after the end of the agreed period of 25 years they can be dismantled without a trace.


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