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Who supported and spoke out against Harvey Weinstein

The list of Hollywood opponents and defenders of the producer, who fell into the center of a sexual scandal, has grown to almost 40 people.

Harvey Weinstein. Holiday pictures AP

October 6, the famous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was in the center of a sexual scandal. The newspaper The New York Times, referring to dozens of sources, told how the well-known producer for more than 30 years has been molested by actresses and collaborators.

The scandal deprived Weinstein of his position in his own company, a respectable status in Hollywood and respect for close friends. Only a few decided to support the producer, who, apparently, fell into a serious depression.

Victims of harassment

Angelina Jolie, 23 years old at the time of harassment

The actress and director Angelina Jolie did not go into details of the harassment of Weinstein. She only said that the producer pestered her in the late 1990s, when she starred in the picture of “The vicissitudes of love.”

“I had unpleasant moments with Harvey Weinstein in my youth, so I decided never to work with him and warned others not to do it. This attitude to women in any sphere and any country is unacceptable, ” Jolie.

Angelina Jolie in the movie “The vicissitudes of love”

Gwyneth Paltrow, 23 years old at the time of harassment

During the filming of the film “Emma” (one of the producers of the film was Weinstein), the offender called the actress to the hotel. He offered to massage her, but the girl refused. All those years the girl was silent for fear of losing her job. About the incident she told the then young man Brad Pitt, which led to a conflict between him and Weinstein. The girl could not work with the producer any more.

“I was a child. I have found a job. I was stunned. Now we live in a time when women should clearly say that this should not happen, “- the actress admitted.

Gwyneth Paltrow in the film “Emma”

Rose McGowan, 23 years old at the time of harassment

In 1997, the actress signed a closed agreement with Weinstein. For 100 thousand dollars of compensation, she promised not to disclose the details of the incident that occurred after the release of the film “Scream”. October 13, 2017, the girl accused theproducer of rape.

After the scandal, the 44-year-old actress called on all women to talk about cases of sexual harassment among Hollywood people. “Hollywood authorities are dying because society has changed and grown, and yet the behavior of Hollywood men has remained the same,” the girl concluded .

Matthew Lillard and Rose McGowan in the movie “Scream”

Ashley Judd, 29 years old at the time of harassment

The actress said that in 1997 the producer met her in a dressing gown and asked if she wanted to look at him in the shower. Then he offered to do Judd massage.

“I’ve said” No “many times in various forms, but each time he came back with a new proposal. It was a constant and forced bargaining. I thought, how can I leave the room as quickly as possible without being angry with Harvey Weinstein, “the actress described the situation.

Ashley Judd in the film “Kissing the girls” in 1997 release

Rosanna Arquette, 34 years old at the time of harassment

The actress came to the hotel room to Weinstein to pick up the script of an unnamed film. He grabbed the girl’s hand and pulled her hand to his groin. When Arquette began to resist, Weinstein stated that she was making a mistake. Then the girl ran away from the room.

“I was in a constant state of” Beat or run “(a reaction in which the body is mobilized to eliminate the threat – note ). Weinstein greatly complicated many years of my life, “the actress told reporters.

Roseanne Arquette (center) on the shooting of the film “Pulp Fiction”

Asia Argento, 22 years old at the time of harassment

In 1997 the girl accepted an invitation to a producer’s party at the hotel, but there was no one else but two of them. The man left the bathroom in his dressing gown and offered to do an actress massage. Then, despite the protests of Argento, the producer made her cunnilingus. Later the girl several times voluntarily engaged with Weinsten sex and accepted his help, as she was afraid that he would destroy her career.

“I said no, no, no.” It was so messy. The big fat man wants to eat you, like in a terrible fairy tale, “- described the girl pestering the producer.

Asia Argento in the film “Bimki” in 1998 release

Lea Seydou, about 27 years old at the time of harassment

The French actress faced the harassment of Weinstein in about 2012. Seydou spoke with the producer in his hotel room when he jumped up and tried to kiss the girl. She fought back and left. In subsequent meetings the producer constantly told Seyda about the girls with whom he had sex. “I wish I could fuck you,” the producer once said to the actress.

“We were talking on the couch when he suddenly attacked me and tried to kiss me. He’s big and fat, so I had to strain myself to resist him, ” Seydu wrote in the column for The Guardian.

Leah Seydou in the film “007: Spectrum”

Kara Delevin, about 20 years at the time of harassment

The actress described how, at the beginning of her career (she did not specify the date), Weinstein called her and asked if she had sex with a girl (Delevin bisexual). Producer said – if she is a lesbian, she will never get the role of heterosexual and will not make a career in Hollywood.

Two years later Delevin was in the same room with another girl and Weinstein. The man asked them to kiss. Then “he went to the door, stood in front of her and tried to kiss me on the lips. I stopped him and managed to get out of the room, ” said the girl in Instagram.

Kara Delevin in the film “Paper Cities”

Ambre Gutiérrez, 21 years old at the time of harassment

The Italian model collided with Weinstein’s harassment in 2015. During a personal meeting, the producer grabbed the girl by the chest, and then tried to pull her skirt up. The model appealed to the police and recorded the next meeting. When she asked the producer why he touched her breast, he replied that he was used to doing it.

“I do not easily allow myself to touch, but not only because of moral rules. My father beat me and my mother. When a man reaches out to me, I instinctively withdraw, even if this is the one I love, “the Italian model admitted.

Ambre Gutiérrez. Getty Photos

Kate Beckinsale, 17 years old at the time of harassment

In 1990, the actress came to the hotel room Weinstein for a business meeting. In the room she saw the producer in a dressing gown. Confused, she soon escaped.

“I was incredibly naive and young, and it never occurred to me that this elderly, unattractive man is waiting for me to cause some kind of sexual interest,  Bekinsail recalled .

Kate Beckinsale in the film “Another World: Blood Wars”

Louisette Geiss, date of birth is unknown

In 2008, the actress and screenwriter came to the hotel room Weinstein, to talk with him about his idea. The girl met the producer sitting in the bath. When she laid out her idea, the producer asked the actress to see how he masturbates.

“I said that I’m leaving. He quickly got out of the hot tub. I took the bag and was about to leave when he grabbed my forearm and dragged me to my bathroom. He begged to see how he masturbates, “- described Geiss incident with a Hollywood producer.

Luizette Geiss gives an interview about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment. Getty Photos
A total of more than 30 actresses, models and employees of the Weinstein Company accused Weinstein of sexual harassment for many years (given anonymous statements). In this number, the American actress and TV host Lauren Sivian – the producer squeezed her into a corner at a party and began to masturbate. Also about the harassment of the producer told the actress Lucia Evans, who forcibly engaged in oral sex with Weinstein.

Who supported the victims of harassment

On the side of the victims stood dozens of famous personalities, including former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. She condemned the actions of Weinstein, who sponsored her presidential campaign in 2016.

“I’m shocked by the revelations about Harvey Weinstein. The behavior described by women is unacceptable. Their courage and support are needed to stop such behavior in the future, “a former US presidential candidate said.

Harvey Weinstein with Hillary Clinton in 2012. Getty Photos

Director Quentin Tarantino, who worked with Weinstein on several films, including “Pulp Fiction” and “The Ghoulish Eight”, spoke about the situation on October 13. According to the author of the films, he is stunned and amazed by the scandal with Weinstein – his old friend. The director promised to comment more on the situation when he “outlives pain, emotion, anger and memory”.

About 25 actors openly spoke against Weinstein. Some of them admitted that rumors of sexual harassment had been going on for a long time, but no one reacted to them. Of the male segment of Hollywood stars, Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon rose to the side of the victims. The latter condemned Weinstein despite the fact that they were with him in long-standing friendly relations.

Who spoke in defense of the producer

Group of employees Weinstein Company anonymously told The New York Times that for the years of work in the company Weinstein never bothered to them and did not make any hints of a sexual nature. However, it should be borne in mind that the rules of the institution prohibit workers from negatively speaking about their superiors.

In support of Weinstein  31-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan expressed herself by writing a “story” for her Instagram. She said that she had never encountered harassment and harassment during her time with the producer.

Lohan explained that the alleged victims of Weinstein should not develop a scandal in the media, but file applications for harassment in the police. This was partially agreed by the director Oliver Stone. He refused to recognize the charges against Weinstein and asked people to await the court’s decision, and not to make hasty conclusions.

Initially, Weinstein tried to protect the designer Donna Karan. She explained that many women around the world with their sexual appearance themselves are asking for harassment. Later, the producer’s friend refused her words.

In the first days of the scandal, Weinstein himself stated that the wife of Georgina Chapman supported him in striving to “become a better person” and “to earn forgiveness” Ashley Judd. However, on October 10, the girl announced that she was leaving her husband. “My heart is bleeding for women who have had to endure these terrible sufferings,” Chapman confessed . The couple got married in 2007, they have a seven-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son.

What happens with Weinstein

The Board of Directors of The Weinstein Company fired Weinstein, explaining this inappropriate behavior of the producer. The producer’s wife announced the separation and took with them their children. The British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTA) suspended the membership of Weinstein, as his conduct does not match the values ​​of the academy.

Harvey Weinstein with his wife Georgina Chapman. Getty Photos

The New York police began an investigation against the actions of the producer in 2015, when he solicited Ambre Gutierrez. The London police also launchedinvestigations into the sexual harassment of Weinstein that occurred in the 1980s. The name of the prosecutor is not disclosed.

October 12, Weinstein told reporters that he needs psychological help. He plans to leave for treatment for sex addiction in Europe, but so far he remains in the US. His 22-year-old daughter claims that his father began to feel depressed, and he wants to commit suicide.

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