In the Netherlands, guests of the festival were offered to mark the forehead with a red dot, if they do not want to be on the photo

Three visitors took advantage of the offer.

The organizers of the festival Haarlem Culinair in the Netherlands suggested thatparticipants glue a big red dot on the forehead, if they do not want to be on the general photos of the event. The absence of a red marker meant automatic consent to the publication of photos and videos.

A red sticker point could be obtained from the organizers, it was also allowed to use lipstick. Of the 70 thousand visitors, the organizers used the offer of three.

The organizers explained that when they found a person with a red dot on common photos, they edited his image before placing the frame in Facebook. Thus, they reacted to the new European rules on the protection of private life.

The same rule is going to apply at another festival, which also will be held in August.

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