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Asia Argento is one of the well-known activists of the movement against harassment. She was accused of seducing a teenage actor

They met on the set of a joint film, where Argento played his mother.

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On August 20, The New York Times published an article about the harassment of actress and director Asian Argento to actor and musician Jimmy Bennet. Argento is one of the most famous activists of the anti-harassment movement #MeToo and was one of the first to oppose the producer Harvey Weinstein.

Argento accused of bribing Bennett in exchange for silence about seduction

The New York Times article is based on anonymously submitted documents, which confirm the relationship between Argento and Bennet. There are also files that describe the deal between the actor and the director.

According to the documents, Bennett contacted Argento a month after she opposed Weinstein. Lawyers of the actor said that the director’s harassment caused him “moral trauma” and he intends to go to court. Three sources confirmed the publication that the actress paid Bennet 380 thousand dollars for silence .

In 2013, Bennett came to a meeting with the director at a hotel in a suburb of Los Angeles: the actress wrote in Instagram that she was waiting for her “long lost son”. In the room they drank, after which Argento showed her notes and kissed her. The actress took off his pants to do a blowjob, after the couple had sex. At the end, Argento took some photos and Bennet left – in her instagram there were still pictures from the hotel. A few more photos were attached to the case, but only on one are their faces visible.

In a statement to the court, Bennett noted that on his way home he was “disgusted,” after which he could not recover for several years. The lawyer of the actor added that he could not cope with his feelings when Argento became one of the central figures of the case against Weinstein.

Argento met Bennett when he was seven years old

At the time of the events described in the documents, Argento was 37 years old, and Bennet was 17. According to the laws of California, the age of sexual consent is 18 years. In 2013, the director and actor were familiar for 10 years: the first time they worked together in 2004 in the movie “Tiptoe”. Argento played Bennett’s mother, who works as a prostitute.

Jimmy Bennet and Asia Argento. Shot from the movie “Tiptoes”

The material of The New York Times states that after the joint work between Bennet and Argento, friendly relations developed. In the social networks of actors, there were several references to each other as “mothers” and “sons” , but it is not known whether they communicated after the conclusion of the deal on silence. Neither Bennett’s representatives, nor representatives of Argento, nor the celebrities themselves commented.

The actress was one of the first to blame Weinstein and constantly opposed harassment

The accusations against Argento became one of the most discussed topics in the Western media because of the past director. In 2017 she was among the first declared rape Harvey Weinstein. Her story was very similar to the story of Bennett : the producer made a 22-year-old actress massage and, despite the refusal, switched to oral sex. Subsequently, Argento became popular due to the films “Three X’s”, “Understand me, if you can” and “The Phantom of the Opera.”

In addition, Ardento stood at the origins of the movement #MeToo and acted with vivid speeches in defense of actresses who survived harassment. One of the last – at the Cannes Festival in May 2018, when the director called the film festival “hunting ground” Weinstein.

Weinstein will never see here again. He will live in shame, avoiding the film community that once covered his crimes. Even today, among you there are those who should be held accountable for their behavior towards women. You know who you are.

Asia Argento
actress and director

Despite accusations against Argento, the media was asked not to discredit the #MeToo movement . Journalists recalled that even if the actress’s act was indeed, this does not justify the actions of Weinstein. They also asked not to deprive her of the right to protect herself from sexual harassment, even if she had done similar things in the past.

Since October 2017, 71 women have described the harassment of Weinstein. The charges are investigated by the police of Los Angeles, New York and London. In May 2018, the producer was released on bail – before the trial he is obliged to wear a bracelet-beacon.

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