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In Twitter, a video with a robot “inspecting their possessions” was hanging. But he’s not real.

This is a fragment of the demo from the director of “Region No. 9” and “Robot named Chappi.”

August 18 in English-speaking Twitter there was a video with a straight-up robot walking in the backyard of an unknown house among cars. Users were amazed at how smoothly the mechanism is pushed and how “humanly” it is looked around.

In Twitter, distributed a video with loud signatures, like “We’ll all be dead soon” and jokes about the terminators from the movie of the same name.

“I’m getting out of this planet”

“Where the hell is Sarah Connor?”

“Lord, do not”

In Russian Twitter, the video was published with the signature: “The robot is inspecting its possessions.” With her the same video perepostili to myself manyusers of “VKontakte” .

Some people believed that a real robot was on the video, but most preferred to laugh it off.

In fact, the video depicts one of the robots painted for shorts directed by Neil Blomkamp (“District No. 9” and “Robot named Chappi”). For the first time this clip in his instagram was published by one of the artists as a demonstration of a computer model walk. Blomkamp also drew attention to the stricken passage and hastened to reassure users.

“Although no one would be glad to rebel machines more than I do, but this is only part of the series [of rollers]”

Adam – a series of short films from the studio of Neil Blomkamp, ​​telling about humanoid robots, who are forced to wander around the cities until they run out of battery. The rollers were created on the Unity game engine using motion capture and real-time rendering technology. More information about the filming process can be learned from the video from the site .

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