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Elon Musk spoke about fatigue and health problems due to the “difficult year” in Tesla

According to the entrepreneur, he works for 120 hours a week and he does not have time even to sleep.

Photos of Teslarati
Photos of Teslarati

In an interview with columnist The New York Times, Andrew Ross Sorkin Elon Musk spoke about health problems due to non-stop work in Tesla. The businessman claims that he spends 24 hours a day at work and almost missed his brother’s wedding because of the need to manage the company.

Last year was the most difficult and painful in my career. It was excruciating.

Elon Musk
general director of Tesla and SpaceX

As Sorkin noted, during the interview, Musk “cried or laughed”. The businessman admitted that because of the need to fulfill an ambitious plan to assemble the new Tesla, he spent his 47th birthday on June 28 at the company’s office. According to him, he worked all day and stayed at work for the night “without friends and without anything.”

Two days later, the entrepreneur needed to fly to the wedding of his brother Kimball in Catalonia, but because of the management of Tesla, he almost missed it. Musk said that he flew straight from the factory and arrived at the ceremony 2 hours before the start. And right after the graduation immediately returned to the headquarters of Tesla and continued to work.

According to the entrepreneur, recently he worked 120 hours a week, and the last time he left for more than a week in 2001, when he contracted malaria.

It so happened that I did not leave the plant for three or four days, the days when I did not even go out into the street. And it happened at the expense of the time that I could spend seeing with children or friends.

Elon Musk

Musk noted that processing did not have a better impact on health. When an entrepreneur does not work, he tries to sleep, but recently he has to take sleeping pills.

Usually there is a choice between not sleeping or Ambien [the name of sleeping pills].

Elon Musk

Some members of the board of directors are concerned that Musk is taking sleeping pills. According to them, sometimes even after the drug Musk does not sleep, but participates in night discussions on Twitter. NYT sources on the board of directors told that Musk uses recreational drugs.

The head of Tesla explained that not using “grass”, because it does not help to be productive.

There is a reason for using the word stoned (literally “stone”, note ). You just sit [after consuming marijuana] like a stone under the grass.

Elon Musk

Also the businessman has in detail told about a situation with a tweet about privatization Tesla. He denied that he wrote the tweet under the influence of drugs. Initially, Musk wanted to set the starting point at $ 419, but rounded to 420. He chose this price to offer a 20% premium to investors, and coincidence with the code of marijuana use came about by accident.

Musk said that that morning he woke up at home with his girlfriend Grimes and spent an early workout. After that, he sat in the Tesla Model S and drove to the airport, and along the way he typed a tweet, which provoked a violent reaction on the stock exchange.

According to Musk, he wanted to transparently communicate his plans and did not show anyone before the publication in advance. Because of the tweet, Tesla’s shares soared by 7% in an hour and continued to rise to an unplanned stoppage of trading. Analysts, investors and journalists were surprised by this situation, since such statements are usually issued after the end of the trading day, and Tesla had to release an open letter to the Musk staff.

The next day, the Securities and Exchange Commission demanded explanations from Musk, but did not initiate an official investigation. The regulator doubted that Musk really had the financing for the Tesla buyout, as it turned out, the deal with the Saudi fund is far from over. The entrepreneur said that he does not regret his tweet and will continue to use social networks.

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