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Tweetbot lost many functions due to changes in the Twitter API

One of the most popular clients no longer shows part of the notifications and does not synchronize the tape in real time.

Twitter-client Tweetbot lost many functions after updating the application for iOS. The company-developer Tapbots reported that due to changes in the Twitter API, she had to refuse to update the tape in real time, push notifications of likes and retweets, citation statistics and work with Apple Watch.

Twitter warned about changes in the API (the interface through which third-party developers can receive data) back in May 2018. The developers said that other applications can buy for money paid tariffs for the use of some functions.

According to the creators of Tweetbot, the situation “completely out of control”, but they are still trying to restore some of the functions. The biggest loss for them is the client for Apple Watch, as well as the tabs “Activity” and “Statistics”.

Users of Russian-language Twitter have expressed their dissatisfaction with API changes and in fact the requirement of the company to use an official client.

Changes to the Twitter API will affect other third-party clients, including Talon , Tweetings and Twitterrific . If their developers agree to paid tariffs, then they will have to enter expensive subscriptions. Most of these applications are already paid.

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