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10 interesting facts about Scotch tape.

1. It was invented for military purposes

Before the invention of an adhesive tape, boxes with cartridges that were sent to military bases were sealed with wax. This was done in order to keep their contents watertight. The cardboard flaps were glued together by a paper strip, the end of which was hanging so that the soldiers in a hurry could open the box. Most often, the paper protrusions on the boxes were terminated during transport. As a consequence, the soldiers had to suffer for a long time, revealing the ammunition received. This could not be allowed, when the time passed for a second.

In the hope of somehow solving this problem, two Navy sailors wrote a letter to President Franklin Roosevelt. The message contained a request: what if a waterproof cloth is used to fix boxes with ammunition on an adhesive basis? Thus, the projection of the tape, which is intended for opening, will always be in place, and the soldiers will rid themselves of unnecessary gestures. This, in turn, will save many lives on the battlefield. Roosevelt granted the request by contacting the manufacturers from Johnson & Johnson. As a result, the soldiers received a strong waterproof tape, which saved them from the previous torment.

2. Initially, a new invention in soldiers’ circles was called a “duck”

The origins of the creation of a sticky tape affixed to it a popular name, which in our time has lost its relevance. The product consisted of three main components: a glutinous lower layer, a mesh fabric and an upper polyethylene layer. The upper layer gave the product additional strength and water resistance. According to the producers, the soldiers instantly invented the sticky tape the nickname “duck”, referring to its ability to repel moisture.

3. The stickiness of the material is due to physical processes

Many adhesives in the process of adhesion to the surface pass through physical changes and harden. The principle of the adhesive tape is different. The stickiness is created with a soft polymer mixture, which connects the two glued surfaces. By themselves these intermolecular forces are weak, but, interacting with each other, they are able to support very heavy loads. The adhesive layer on the adhesive tape is not subject to chemical changes, which is why this material is ideal for temporary fixation.

4. It can not be used in air ducts

In the postwar period, the product was quickly popularized as a convenient material in construction and repair. Originally scotch was widely used for metal fixation in air ducts. He acquired a new nickname, and his appearance was updated with the help of powdered aluminum spraying. However, these days, the idea of ​​fixing the air ducts had to be abandoned due to a violation of safety regulations. It can be considered that air ducts are the only sphere of application where scotch has suffered a complete fiasco.

5. He helped save the team of “Apollo 13”

After the explosion of the service module on board the ship “Apollo 13” three crew members were subjected to mortal danger. NASA engineers decided to save the crew from the carbon dioxide that is rapidly spreading inside the ship with the help of non-standard manipulation. From the cardboard, plastic bags and tape, a space suit was built, serving as a filter for carbon dioxide. This decision ultimately saved the lives of astronauts. Since then, the adhesive tape has become an indispensable assistant in the force majeure situations of space expeditions.

6. It was used to prevent infections

Nosocomial infections annually kill 99,000 lives of patients in the United States. To reduce the death rate, one of the Medical Centers in the Midwest came up with a simple solution: use adhesive tape to mark the safety zone. In hospitals, a meter square should be measured, extending into the chamber from the doors. Thus, doctors can be interested in the patient’s condition, once again not approaching them. This preserves sterility and a few extra hours of working time.

7. “Destroyers of Legends” devoted to the product three episodes

The creators of the popular series experienced scotch in the most extreme conditions, from the construction of the gun and the creation of a working bridge to the elevation of the SUV. Out of the 18 myths tested, only one could be discredited.

8. There is a festival dedicated to Scotch tape

Since 2005, the town of Avon, Ohio, hosts the annual festival of adhesive tape. There you can take part in a parade, fashion show, see sculptures and just have fun.

9. Now there is an adhesive tape for all occasions

Currently, manufacturers offer several types of adhesive tape, including two-sided, luminous in the dark and even suitable for use in nuclear power plants.

10. Suit of Scotch will help to earn a scholarship

American producers of scotch invented an original contest among senior schoolchildren. Graduates design suits and dresses from scotch every year. Winners receive a scholarship of 10 thousand dollars and bonuses.

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