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Putin complained about the lack of positive social networks. Although he said that he does not use them

He did not go to Barnaul for a long time.

Vladimir Putin during a visit to the educational forum “Mashuk” in Pyatigorsk said that he lacks a “positive” in social networks. So the president reacted to the story about the co-author of the project “Animation Studio named after Alexander Shiryaev”, the content of which is mainly distributed in social networks, TASS reported .

It’s especially great that you work in social networks. Because, as I understand it, your mood is the most positive. Namely positive in social networks is not enough. And he needs 100% in networks.

Vladimir Putin

Putin did not specify which “positive” he meant. Also, it is not known how closely the president watches what is happening in social networks. In 2017, he told me that he does not have any personal account: “My hard work day ends so late that I no longer have time for Instagram.” In 2012, he also referred to the lack of time on the social network.

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