In the Apple Music appeared Deutsche Grammophon. You can not skip this

I’ll be honest, if they ask me – what kind of music do you prefer, I’m unlikely to name among the favorites classical. No, of course, the list will be “classics” like Pink Floyd and Queen, well, you understand.

Today it will be about the great works of the past. Not so long ago in the Apple Music appeared curator Deutsche Grammophon, and it should pay attention.

Here is collected simply an incredible amount of music that any person should listen to at least once in a lifetime.

Deutsche Grammophon, what are you?

” Deutsche Grammophon ” is a German record label for classical music, founded in 1898 by Emil Berliner. It was he who 11 years before invented and patented the world’s first gramophone and record.

Also, Berliner, together with his brother Joseph, founded the company Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft, where they attracted many music celebrities of the time. For example, contracts have been signed with such stars as Enrico Caruso, Fedor Chaliapin and leading operatic soprano Nelli Melba.

Should I say in the studio of a company immortal classical works were recorded?

“Deutsche Grammophon” for a long time remained a pioneer in the field of sound recording, strived for the purposeful development of sound recording technologies and supported the high bar set by its founder.

So “Deutsche Grammophon” was the first to introduce in 1981 a record of classical music on CD. After some time, the company enriched the development of 4D-sound recording, as well as 24-bit Surround and Original-Image Bit-Processing technologies.

Today ” Deutsche Grammophon ” continues to improve sound technologies and is represented by “Universal Music” company in more than 40 countries of the world.

Eternal music worth listening to

The curator of Deutsche Grammophon is generous with a variety of playlists . Here everyone can find music to taste and mood.

For example, 25 melodic tracks by the great Polish composer Fryderyk Chopin, who are full of depth of emotions, almost 7 hour selection of hits of the legendary Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 10 (!) Hours of opera classics or my personal favorite – a selection of Johannes Brahms’ diverse works .

Needless to say, here is the music of the famous composers of Wagner, Rachmaninov, Shostakovich, Schubert, Tchaikovsky and, of course, Beethoven, known to us from school (and perhaps earlier).

To familiarize himself with the classics, the curator also compiled a playlist of 35 works, which exactly every reader “somewhere-once-heard”.

“Hungarian Dance No. 5”, “The Wedding of Figaro”, “La Traviata”, “Polonaise” … Famous music hits all over the world, which are pleasant to occasionally rehear. Immortal classic.

Also “Deutsche Grammophon” offers to get acquainted with contemporary composers, whose music you could also hear earlier. For example, the romantic sad music of the British Max Richter or Jupe Bewing .

Well, it will be especially pleasant to see the Russian listener a separate playlist dedicated to the work of the famous Russian opera diva Anna Netrebko .

In general, I strongly recommend. Even those who do not understand classical music will appreciate and appreciate the greatness of the famous works of the past.

You can listen for free in Apple Music .

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