Apple will introduce Apple Car in just 5 years

According to the authoritative analyst Min-Chi Kuo, Apple can take a financial benchmark for a $ 2 trillion capitalization level in the next 5 to 7 years. The push to a significant rise in price of the company will cause the appearance of glasses of augmented reality and the release of the Apple Car service.

Kuo is sure that this product will become really revolutionary and will repeat the success of the iPhone announced in 2007.

The estimated time for the system to enter the market is somewhere between 2022 and 2025. Support for AR can make Apple Car one of the unconditional market leaders.

Min-Chi Kuo called and several other reasons why Apple Car has every chance of capturing the market:

– The automotive segment is waiting for evolutionary new technologies. In fact, is in a state in which the communicator market was located 10 years ago.

– The presence of AR in Apple Car will be the main difference between the product and competitors.

– Apple has every chance to improve the integration of services and software into the electronics of cars.

A couple of years ago, the secret project of Titan was actively discussed . Apple has repeatedly been attributed plans for the production of its own car, but later it became clear – the company will concentrate on the software part.

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