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Renewable energy sources and energy security

A distant and illusory threat of a lack of resources such as gas and oil becomes more real every year. Over the past 40 years, the amount of energy consumed has doubled, and by 2030 this figure will increase by another 60 percent.

Nature is now putting resource constraints and replacing them with other exhaustible energy carriers is simply impossible. The rapid economic growth of industrial countries only aggravates the state of the market and contributes to the growth of global competition for resources.

Dependence on imports of gas and oil forces many states to reconsider their energy policy. The government and private companies are faced with the task of more efficient allocation of available resources, the use of energy-saving technologies and the introduction of alternative energy sources.

What is energy security?

The concept of “energy security” appeared in 1947 in the United States, but it was widely spread only in 1973, when an oil embargo was introduced. Energy security determines the energy self-sufficiency of the state, that is, unhindered access to energy resources at a reasonable price and in sufficient quantities. Despite the positive trends at the end of the last century, the 2000s were marked by rising fuel prices.

The multiple growth of energy trade has brought the energy security problem from the local level to the global one. The world economy badly needs new sources of energy, which will cause minimal damage to the environment.

The conservation of energy resources is almost identical to their production and in most cases this particular event is more cost-effective. Improving energy efficiency helps to reduce the energy capacity of economic development and strengthen global security.

The forecast of growth of the prices for the electric power by 2020 in Russia

The main advantage of alternative energy resources is a more or less even distribution throughout the world. All countries are practically in the same conditions. This allows many states to gain independence from energy resources, which often become an occasion for geopolitical manipulation.

The locomotive of “green” energy is technological progress, which allows it to already be competitive with traditional energy. Significant potential lies in reducing the capital costs of the generated kilowatt. Due to low operating costs, the cost of energy from renewable energy decreases every year.

Investment plays an important role in the further development of green energy. Now, not only large organizations, but also individuals can invest their money in this sector. So, the company Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions launched an innovative investment model, protected by block-technologies .

Currently, the Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions project works in the field of energy-efficient solutions. The company has in its portfolio an autonomous lighting system, an automatic climate system and autonomous generators. The project has already attracted investors from many countries, and the first major technology deployment will take place in Greece, where more than 100,000 autonomous lamps will be installed.

Thanks to the use of block-technologies, the investment process is absolutely transparent and safe:

1. All released tokens will be backed up with a real product.

2. The value of the token is protected from currency fluctuations.

3. At any time, the investor can sell his tokens or purchase additional ones.

4. The number of electronic coins issued will be limited, so their value will only increase over time, bringing new dividends to their owners.

Undoubtedly, renewable energy sources have a great future. Humanity simply does not have alternative options. The use of solar, wind stations and other technologies will change not only the economy, but also the nature of interaction between states. This, in turn, should help reduce the cost of various goods and improve the well-being of all inhabitants of the Earth.

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