Yakutian sells the only hat in the world of mammoth wool for 10 thousand dollars

In Russia, the world’s only mammoth hat is sold. It costs about $ 10,000 and is equipped with a certificate of authenticity. But it’s very prickly. This unique product was written in The Siberian Times.

The director of the museum of the mammoth Semyon Grigoriev, by the way, recently tried on this cap and shared his sensations: “Since the hair is thick and coarse with a terrible headache, but prehistoric head massage is obtained.”

“This is not a museum exhibit. We do not collect objects of folk art. One person wants to sell, consulted. The hat is really made of real mammoth hair. ”

As it turned out, the owner of the cap is a 44-year-old builder from Yakutsk Vladimir Ammosov. He gave a comment to the Siberian Times.

“My uncle collected a whole package of mammoth wool in the village of Kazachyem, and then sold it to me. I thought for a long time what I would do with it and decided to make a hat. In Yakutia we make traditional hats made of horses’ wool, why not try the mammoth? ”

Ammosov passed the wool to a professional master, who made a hat.

The authenticity of the coat was confirmed by the director of the Yakut museum of mammoths, Semyon Grigoriev. He tried the cap himself and shared his impressions:

“This is the most prickly hat that I ever put on. She does not smell anything, compared to, say, the bison, the wool of a mammoth is very tough. ”

The hat is made in the traditional Yakut style: they are worn by men during national holidays.source

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