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“What is there to destroy? Here and so everything is destroyed “: the adventures of Godzilla in Russian cities

When he came to destroy the city, and it was already done for you.

August 12 in the community “How I Met Tetanus” published several photoshoot about the collision of the famous Japanese monster Godzilla with Russian realities. According to the plot of films and comics about the monster, Godzilla usually destroys cities. But in the photojacks the monster comes to Rostov-on-Don, understands that there is nothing to destroy, and asks residents: “This is ****** [kapets], how do you live here?”.

The author did not specify the work in the community. In the comments and local public comments stressed that the selected photos of Rostov were made after the fire.

In one of the communities in VKontakte, dedicated to Chelyabinsk, they said that in the pictures “it’s easy to find out any city in the country”. After the joke about Godzilla and Rostov , a similar work appeared about how a monster comes to destroy Omsk.

This is not the first time that Godzilla is used for jokes on Russian cities.

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