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The police department of the Polish city went to hospital for fatigue

They have to recycle because of a shortage of personnel.

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Photos Onet

In the Polish city of Kamen Pomorski all the police investigation department went to the hospital because of fatigue from processing. It is not known how many employees worked in the department. The police union told about this in Facebook .

The representative of the organization told Onet that the police are working too hard. If the situation does not change, such cases will be repeated, the interviewee is sure. Care for the hospital confirmed three sources.

Chairman of the trade union Rafal Jankowski said that the departure for the hospital was not in the police strike, which began on July 10. He explained that the reason for processing was the lack of staff. In addition, many people leave on vacation in the summer, and their work has to be distributed among other employees.

Policemen have no right to strike, as they need to protect the safety of citizens every day. But this situation [with going to the hospital] shows that the situation in the police is terrible and its ignoring leads to such consequences.

Rafal Jankowski
chairman of the police union

On July 10, Polish police stopped fining drivers for minor offenses in protest . They demanded to return the possibility of early retirement, to return the full payment of processing and full payment for 30 days of the hospital. How long the strike will last is unknown.

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