In St. Petersburg, unknown people tried to install a brazier on the monument “The Bronze Horseman”

They are looking for the Museum of Urban Sculpture.

Photo by Alexandra Bentsman
Photo by Alexandra Bentsman

In St. Petersburg, unknown men tried to install a brazier on the monument “The Bronze Horseman.” This was reported on August 6 by an eyewitness of the incident Alexander Bentsman.

The girl said that a pack of coal and a disassembled brazier had been dragged onto the horse’s back. Near the monument was a company that “supported the comrades.”

Some tourists asked them to solve their problem quickly, and then they need to sfotkat. The rest were filmed and rang 112.

Alexandra Bentsman

The photograph was drawn by the Museum of City Sculpture of St. Petersburg. Identify the identity of young people and detain them immediately failed. The museum asked to respond to witnesses of the incident or familiar people from the photograph.

It is difficult to write without emotions. It’s hard to believe that someone could have thought of doing such an act. The faces of people for whom the great art and cultural heritage of the country mean nothing – in photos

Museum of St. Petersburg City Sculpture

Last updated on 19:45: The police detained the vandals, who climbed the monument, reported edition

According to the St. Petersburg newspaper, two men aged 20 and 32 were taken to the police station of the Admiralteysky district. Administrative protocols on petty hooliganism (part 1 of Article 20.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses) were drawn up in their relation.

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