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In St. Petersburg, the helicopter flew under the bridge without permission and got on video

In Rosaviation and the transport prosecutor’s office, the incident was checked.

Video from instagram @denis_danov

On August 10, during a party in the Gulf of Finland, a private helicopter flew between the supports of the Western High-Speed ​​Diameter (WHSD). The incident was filmedby video businessman Denis Danov, who was one of the participants of the event.

According to the “Fontanka”, the party was arranged by a group of young people, joined by yachtsmen and hydrocliners. The publication found that the helicopter was filming the event.

In a conversation with “Fontanka”, Danov said that he became a guest of the holiday by chance and does not know who ran the helicopter. The man doubted that the device was controlled from the cab, he said, the car could be piloted remotely.

According to, the pilot did not have permission to fly, and after flying under the bridge overcame a few dozen kilometers before landing. The helicopter landed in the village of Gostilitsa, where the pilot was detained.

In the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in transport told “Fontanka” that they will not conduct an audit, as “they do not see violations of the law.” The transport prosecutor’s office promised to begin checking, and in Rosaviatsia the situation was called an “aviation incident” and they had already set up a special commission for investigation.

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