EGE in Russia will check artificial intelligence, but in 2030

The Federal Institute for Pedagogical Measurements (FIPI) is confident that in 12 years to assess the knowledge of students will be artificial intelligence.

It is about analyzing the detailed answers of schoolchildren. Helping the teaching staff and the commission will be neural networks.

Now the computer checks only the test part of the answers. For assessment of the extended part of the exam is responsible for about 40 thousand people.

We, of course, profess an evolutionary approach. We understand that the exam should change, and most importantly, that it must change in the overall context of the development of the system.

Olga Reshetnikova, Director of FIPI

In Rosobrnadzor sure that artificial intelligence is more effective because of the lack of subjective factors. The issue of introducing such an automated verification system will be discussed with experts, society and teachers. Izvestia ]

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