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Winged cats

You probably think that the name of the post and the first picture is some kind of “humor joke”. Actually this is not true.

Cats with wings, who are called angels, live in Russia, the US and China. According to the owners, they took the most ordinary kittens, but after a year the cats suddenly began to grow wings.

Let’s look at them and find out the reasons …

There are 3 different versions explaining the appearance of wings in cats. The most common is the entanglement of wool in long-haired cats. Colloons can be formed along the entire body if the cat does not receive proper care. When the cat moves, the felted hair also moves, creating the illusion of waving wings. The combs create a lot of inconvenience for the cat, irritating the skin and presenting an excellent environment for the reproduction of parasites. But this, the simplest, explanation turned out to be untenable, since many reliably known angel cats had short wool.




The second explanation was a disease called cat dermal asthenia. Wings in cats grow only on the shoulders, hips or back, and cats can actively move them, which suggests the presence of nervous and muscle tissue in the wings. This also proves the inconsistency of the first version, because confused hair can not contain muscles in any way.



Skin asthenia (“weak skin”) is manifested in deformation of the skin, characterized by excessive elasticity and stretching of the skin. Skin folds on the back, shoulders and hips of the skin, resembling a wing. The most common stroking of the cat on the back can lead to stretching the skin or even tear it. But such folds of the skin do not have muscles and bones, so the cat can not move the “wings” like a bird, they only bounce when walking, which others take as waving their wings. Fragile skin flaps can fall off without causing bleeding. This explains why some cats drop their wings to the astonishment of their owners.




The third explanation suggests that the cat grows additional, functionally underdeveloped limbs, covered with fur. Due to the location of these limbs on the body of a cat, they are mistaken for wings. In one of the cases it was officially proved that the “angel cat” had poorly developed additional limbs instead of wings.

At the moment there are about 138 reports of winged cats. More than 30 of them are documented, and there is also a winged stuffed cat, dating back to the 19th century. But the sample is in a bad state, so it’s hard to say whether it’s original or fake. Scarecrow is exhibited in the museum near Niagara Falls.



The earliest mention of winged cats dated to June 1842 belongs to Henry David Thoreau. He talks about a cat-angel who lived on one of the farms. The special cat not only had wings, but also dumped them in the spring.



In 1975, the newspaper Manchester Evening News published a photo of an amazing cat, who a few years earlier had nailed to the construction team in Trafford Park. From ordinary cats it was distinguished by two long fluffy wings hanging from the back and clearly visible in the photograph.



In 1897, a tortoiseshell cat with wings was shot in the UK. Eyewitnesses said that he opened his wings so that they would help him escape faster. Winged black and white cat, which appeared in 1933-1934. in England, was more fortunate. The owner of the cat agreed to expose the animal for a while in the Oakford Zoo. She assured that the cat uses its wings, the length of which was 15 cm, to make jumps for long distances.

After this, it became known about several more cases of the appearance of angel cats. In most cases, the wings assumed tangled wool or deformed skin. Most often found cats simply shot and sold to museums.




In 2004, a message appeared about a winged cat from Russia. Stray cat Vaska lived in Bukreevsk, located near the Kursk. Possession of wings did not bring him happiness, like many other angelfish cats. Vaska was drowned by superstitious inhabitants.

Then came the turn of China, where in 2007 a one-year-old cat just a month grew huge wings that had a bone inside the bone. His mistress believed that the reason was sexual harassment from cats, who found her pet irresistible. The cat preferred radical methods to get rid of obsessive female fans, and grew luxurious wings. Two years later, another winged cat, living at the museum, appeared in China. The inhabitants of China believe that the blame for all is bad ecology.



Pleases that experts also argue that the normal existence of the cat “wings” do not interfere …




CHONGQING, CHINA: A cat with wings is seen in Chongqing, China on 24th May, 2009. The wings were not present when the cat was born but started to grow when the cat was one year old.
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