The drone spent 26 days in the sky

The Zephyr unmanned aerial vehicle from Airbus has set a new record for the duration of airborne activity. The drone spent 25 days in the air 23 hours and 57 minutes. In principle, this is certainly very promising in terms of using both science and the military.

The airplane took off in Arizona on July 11 this year. The wing span of Zephyr is 25 meters, and the mass of the drones reaches 75 kg. In this case, the device is capable of lifting loads of up to 375 kg. The device operates on solar energy and is able to climb to a height of more than 21 thousand meters. 

The company expects to use drones for military reconnaissance, surveillance of natural and man-made disasters, as well as to provide satellite communications in remote areas. 

The previous record of being in the air set the prototype Zephyr. In 2015, the aircraft lasted for 14 days.

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