“Russia in 2046”

From the creators of “existential Google.”

The creators of the art association MXD presented a series of pictures of “Russia 2046”. This is a continuation of the project, in which the authors mix surrealism with references to pop culture. In the comment, the co-founder of MXD, Evgeni Zubkov, explained his idea.

I wanted to create a parallel reality, where the hypertrophied images of modern technologies contrast with the Russian reality. For example, an ordinary rural barn turns into a “mining farm”, and burned video cards frustrate a farmer more than any bad harvest. Perhaps, “Russia 2046” will become one of the headings in the framework of our project MXD.

Evgeny Zubkov
co-founder of MXD

One of the first realized ideas was the Existential series Google . The authors mixed the “stifling gray routine” and interface blocks of the search engine with existential questions.

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