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The authorities of Hollywood wanted to remove the star of Trump from the “Alley of Glory”. Artists pasted 50 more stars with the name of the president

The city administration is unhappy with the fact that Trump’s star is constantly smashed and stained.

@ konstantin_terrana
@ konstantin_terrana

On the Hollywood “Walk of Fame” appeared dozens of stars of Donald Trump, pasted by local activists. So they reacted to the proposal of the Council of West Hollywood to remove the star of the US president because of constant vandalism.

July 25 at the “Avenue of Glory” once again smashed the star of Trump: the vandal struck the concrete with a construction pickaxe. A few hours later he was detained and charged. After that, the city council announced its intention to remove the star of Trump from the Hollywood street. He received the distinctive mark in 2007 after he produced the reality show “Candidate”.

On August 10, anonymous artists from The Faction merged around 50 Vinyl Labels with the image of Trump’s star on “The Walk of Fame”. On the video from the action, participants are dressed in official service clothes.

In a conversation with Hollywood Reporter, one of the artists said that every new star removed from the Hollywood street will have 30 new ones.

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