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Place in Instagram: A street cafe in Bangkok, marked by Michelin star

His mistress would like to give up the prestigious award, as the institution became too popular.

Photos by @ caminnissphoto
Photos by @ caminnissphoto

One of the most popular places for gastronomic tourism in Thailand is Jai Fai street institution, marked by a prestigious Michelin star. His owner and chef Supinya Junsuta (Supinya Junsuta) is often simply called Jay Fay. She is over 70 years old, however, she stays at the plate for more than 11 hours every day, serving orders. At work, the chef almost does not remove the ski goggles, which protect the eyes from the spray of hot oil.

The menu – traditional Thai cuisine, like noodles with shrimps or crab omelet. The media and local bloggers call Jonsutu “the queen of Thai street food” and are surprised that she does not want to use her fame in any way: for example, to open a network or transport her institution from the street to a more prestigious place.

Awarding Michelin star made her cafe more popular than it was before. Even a table reservation does not guarantee fast service – judging by the comments in Instagram, customers had to wait in line for two, three or even five hours.

In this case, according to the hostess, she would return the star if she could. It is irritated by crowds of tourists who come just to look at it and make a photo, not an order. In addition, the work has become too much: her daughter was forced to quit her job to help her mother.

Waited five hours for this. #jayfai

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Celadon meets Jay Fai*. Jai Fey may be petite but her enormous presence can be felt over the open flames, with her camouflage tee, signature black beanie and oversized goggles. The moment the industrial eyewear is pulled over her eyes she sets into warrior mode and age never comes into question of ability. Neither does she look up at the cameras, or pause to pose for cheesy shots, she mumbles under breathe to her own commentary and affectionately calls upon her "nongs" to navigate their way around her. Her famous Crab omelette are made from only two eggs, which indicates the amount of fresh Crab meat used to fill them. The egg and Crab omelette mixture are poured into the piping hot wok and half flipped and pressed up against the hot wok to steal in the Crab filling, then rolled again. She will pour more egg into the gap to close the omelette, then pass it over to her assistant to continue rolling it over until its a deep, golden caramel. The whole process takes at least 15 minutes and the size is impressive, 2000thb shop value that is (large size). The taste? What can I say, I do love Crab but it's not the like the savoury and moreish Thai omelette we know. Its a fresh Crab dish surrounded with a thin, crispy shell of deep fried egg. The omelette label a bit of a stretch. Undoubtedly delicious but it's really the overall experience, and Jay Fai herself, I imagine attracts Michelin and those who seek out a unique experience, the most. . #jayfai #theceladonbangkok #sukhothaibkk #BangkokFoodies #bangkok #bangkokfood #bangkokrestaurant #bangkokhotel #bangkokchefs #foodbkk #foodbangkok #michelinguide #michelinguidebangkok #michelinguidethailand #michelinchef

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