15-year-old hacker launched Doom on the “unbreakable” McAfee crypto store

Protective protocols of the cryptichelp Bitfi managed to bypass the 15-year-old teenager Salim Rashid. In Twitter, there was a video, where he runs on Bitfi cult shooter Doom. At the end of July, odious businessman John McAfee  announced a $ 100,000 reward for hacking a device that the millionaire called absolutely secure.

Of course, hackers did not pass by and after about a week they got access to the root system of the device. True, they were not paid the money: McAfee said that the condition was to transfer the crypto currency to another purse, but this was not done. Although the businessman got out of the delicate situation, the hackers did not lag behind and continue to mock Bitfi:

To McAfee’s credit it’s worth noting that the crypto-jail is still not officially hacked: even though hackers got access to the system, they did not translate digital coins.

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