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In Mytishchi, the bus drove into a crowd of pedestrians, three people were injured

The causes of the accident are not yet known, the police are working on the spot.

It is not recommended to watch videos for people under 18 and nervous.

In Mytishchi, near Moscow, a bus drove a crowd of pedestrians on the crossing – three injured. The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed to RIA Novosti that two people are in serious condition. In the bus at the time of the accident there were passengers, none of them was injured.

As noted in the community “Mytischi_official” in “VKontakte”, the driver did not slow down before the pedestrian crossing and moved two people. There they also published information about the victims. The police said that all the wounded are women.

According to a preliminary version of the police, the bus was refused brakes. The accident happened on Sharapovsky passage near the motorway station. The final reason will be called after the verification is completed.

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