Yandex.Drive bought a startup of mobile refueling machines. The service will not work with other clients

The absorbed fuel-to-tank service will disappear from the application stores.

Photo co-founder of "Fuel in the tank" Alina Kovalevich
Photo co-founder of “Fuel in the tank” Alina Kovalevich

“Yandex.Drive” carving has agreed on the purchase of a start-up ” Fuel in a tank ” and thus acquired mobile fuel stations, was told in Yandex. The gasoline delivery service will not work with third-party customers.

“Yandex” closed the “Fuel in the tank” for private and corporate customers and intends to remove the startup application from the application stores. The creators of the project will move to work in the “Drive”: the co-founder of the service, Alina Kovalevich, confirmed her transition .

Service “Fuel in the tank” was focused on corporate customers, private orders were an average of about 150 orders per month. In total, about 20 corporate clients used mobile refueling at different times and “Drive” was the largest.


The deal is not yet closed, its amount is not disclosed. In the “Drive” clarified that they are in the “process of processing all the documents necessary for the integration of the components of” Fuel in the tank. “

The service “Fuel in the tank” had several tariffs, depending on the type of fuel, the time and volume required. The average price was 200-300 rubles. “Drive” customers who do not pay for gasoline will also be able to use mobile refuels for free.

All cars of “Drive” are filled with gasoline AI-95 and higher. For the distribution of mobile stations, the service uses a special algorithm. He calculates for them the best routes, taking into account where the cars are and how much gasoline is left in each of them. These data come from telematics systems, which are supplied to all service cars.


In the event that the user has to refuel himself, “Yandex” accrues bonus points. They can be spent on renting a car.

“Fuel in the tank” was launched in March 2017. Mobile refueling suggests that the driver instead of driving to the gas station can call the refuellers through the mobile application. In the case of “Fuel in the tank”, the car owner did not even need to be near the car – it was enough to leave the fuel filler hatch open.

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