SpaceX re-launched a new version of the Falcon 9 missile. It is designed for 100 launches

Last night SpaceX first sent the “second-hand” Falcon 9 of the last modification called Block 5. This is a modified version of the missile, which is designed for about a hundred launches.

Among the changes in Block 5: more efficient engines, structural improvements, other supports and computer equipment, as well as other innovations. The first launch of this rocket took place on May 11. Then it was dismantled and checked the integrity of the nodes. For further launches, this operation will not be carried out – only maintenance, and then approximately once every ten shipments.

Block 5 brought the satellite Merah Putih into geostationary orbit. Half an hour ago, SpaceX confirmed the successful delivery of the goods. The first stage of the rocket landed on the platform:

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