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10 reasons to switch to Linux in 2018

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Windows is an established giant. This operating system finds application in almost all areas, but have you ever thought about the fact that there are other alternatives? Yes, there is a Mac. But it is almost incompatible with any equipment, except the original devices from Apple. Therefore, the main alternative is Linux. And it’s not just Bash, which is now available in the latest Windows updates. There is a wide range of other equally important reasons.

Linux faster

Performance is one of the most common reasons for moving to Linux. Indeed, the kernel, and some graphical shells allow you to run the operating system, even on the oldest computers – from 256 MB of RAM

Of course, not all distributions provide high performance. It all depends on the type of operating system.

For new hardware, all operating systems are suitable. The most popular of them are Manjaro, Ubuntu, Fedora, Deepin, Linux Mint.

For “middle peasants” you will have to toughen requirements: Xubuntu, Linux Mint, Arch Linux and other systems will work, but with graphical shells like Mate, Xfce, but not exactly Gnome and not Unity.

For the oldest devices, AntiX, Q4OS or Lubuntu are suitable.

Linux has a diverse interface

Many people are not satisfied with the appearance of Windows. Sometimes it does not help installing third-party themes, or customizing the panels. And then Linux comes to the rescue: it has a huge number of graphical shells: Unity. Gnome, Mate, Cinnamon, Lxde, LxQt, Xfce, KDE and many others. All of them differ in performance, ease of customization, and, of course, appearance.

As for me, one of the best shells is Xfce. It combines both convenience in use, and performance (recommended system requirements Xubuntu – 12 MB RAM).

Linux weighs little

Compare-the same Windows 7 weighs about 5 GB. And Xubuntu – only 1. Is there a difference? In this case, the set of programs in this distribution will not only not yield to the creation of Microsoft, but vice versa, it will surpass it!

It’s the same with programs. If you need to download gigabytes under Windows, then Linux can be limited to a size less than about 2-3 times.

Linux is free

Most Linux distributions are open, and you can not only download them easily, but also modify them for any purpose. Of course, there are commercial distributions such as Red Hat, but why would an ordinary user run a powerful server?

Also under this platform, many analogs to paid Windows-programs were developed. Krita instead of Photosop, WPS Office instead of Microsoft Office, and many others

Linux is more secure

Although no operating system can claim full security, the fact remains: Windows is much more likely to be attacked by hackers.

Microsoft does not react at all to this: at the most that you can do is install antivirus software, but this will lead to performance degradation, and the anti-virus database will also take some time to update.

In Linux, you just need to download the program only from official repositories – all the source code is checked by experienced users, so the penetration of malicious software is almost impossible.

Linux is more confidential

The Windows Privacy Policy is available to any user. But not everyone, reading it, reads at least the first few lines. The fact is that a lot of Microsoft services collect their users’ data in order to provide them with targeted advertising, and also transfer it to some companies.

Linux is more reliable

Surely, many of you often met with such moments when any program hangs up tight, and because of it – the entire computer. Of course, you can make a forced reboot, but unsaved data will be lost forever.

In Linux, however, each process is executed separately from others, and it can not be completed, even from the terminal, even from the Task Manager.

Linux is deprived of mandatory updates

Sometimes Wiondows is subjected to the strongest hatred – this is the moment of renewal. Not only is it impossible to disable updates in Windows 10 without loss of warranty, so they do not happen in exact terms, but in an unknown time to the user.

Linux has the subtle system of setting updates: to show or not, to update automatically or to provide this case to the user, and also to install critical updates or all. And there are many such settings! So if you decide to turn on the computer, do not be afraid – it will work as it should.

Linux has an official, responsive community

If you have any problem with Windows, then certainly there is an article in the official Windows help. But not every problem can be found there, and cases are different: the article will never replace a real person. That’s almost every Linux distribution has its own official forum, where you can ask your question and get a good answer.

Linux distributions are huge

Are you a designer? Writer? Artist? Interpreter? Then for you probably already ready for distribution, which contains all ready-made programs for work!

If in Windows you had to download everything (and even from little-known sites, at the risk of catching a virus!), Then Linux is based on many distributions that are already configured for specific needs.

For example, for a small (or large) studio, Ubuntu Studio is suitable , for the translator – TuxTrans , for the artist – Fedora Design Suite , for the musician – KXStudio .

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