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Photo: Kremlin in blood on the promo of the last season of “Card House”

Kevin Spacey in the person of Frank Underwood will not meet with the Russian president, but his wife can.

In the official instagram of the series about American politics “House of Cards” (House of Cards) published three photographs of the Kremlin, on which blood was spilled.

Together, three photos are added to the panorama with the Great Kremlin Palace. From the captions to the pictures a short message is added.

President Petrov [the face of Russian power in the series] is in his small predicament.

We lied too long.

We are murderers.

from signatures to the panorama of the Kremlin in the instagram of the “Card House”

The sixth and the last season of “Card House” has no official release date. The creators of the show assure that it will be released in the autumn.

Nevertheless, the network has several teasers of the sixth season – the first in which his main character Frank Underwood in the person of Kevin Spacey will not appear. Netflix, the producer of the series, refused to cooperate with the actor because of accusations of harassment.

A message from the President of the United States.

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