LG introduced the Q8 next-generation smartphone

LG introduced a smartphone Q8, which in the model hierarchy is located a step below the V35 ThinQ. The mobile phone received a stylus, which is now rare.

The device is equipped with a large display – 6.2 inches. The processor is the eight-core Snapdragon 450, the frequency equals 1.8 GHz. The amount of RAM is 4 GB, and the built-in storage is available 64 GB. Also there is support for memory cards.

The camera is represented by one sensor at 16 megapixels, and the camera is suggested to be applied to a camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels. The smartphone has a 3.5 mm jack, and the connection to the computer and charging is via USB-C. The battery capacity is 3300 mAh, there is support for quick charging Quick Charge 3.0.

The cost will be around $ 480.

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