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In Argentina, a driver of officials for several years recorded all the bribes. This led to arrests of 12 people

This is at least about 56 million dollars.

An excerpt from the chauffeur’s notebook. Holiday pictures La Nacion

In Argentina , 12 people were arrested after a driver of officials published notebooks in which he kept records of bribes that he was instructed to deliver.

Driver Oscar Centeno (Oscar Centeno) kept records from 2003 to 2015, when in power were Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and her late husband Nestor Kirchner. Centeno wrote down in detail the time, value and even weight of bags with the money that he had to bring. He also pointed out addresses and many other details, for example, when his boss went to the gym.

In early 2018, Centeno handed over eight notebooks to the newspaper La Nacion, which for several months worked on the story before turning to the authorities. On August 1, the publication published an investigation that led to a number of arrests.

According to the calculations of journalists, in notebooks it is said about bribes amounting to 56 million dollars (3.5 billion rubles). According to the judge, the total amount of bribes has reached 160 million dollars.

After detention, Centeno began to cooperate with the investigation. Many officials and businessmen detained because of notebooks refused to give evidence. Among the defendants of the case was the former head of the construction company Javier Sanchez Caballero, as well as vice-presidents of the energy company Gerardo Ferreira and Jorge Guillermo Neira.

Nestor and Christina Kirchner. Photos of

As noted by the agency Bloomberg, “the most important issue” – will it lead to the arrest of Christine Kirchner, which will make it more difficult for her to participate in presidential elections in 2019. In December, she managed to avoid imprisonment for treason and violations in the currency trading. This time, the judge, who is considering the case of bribes, also demanded to deprive Kirshner of his immunity.

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