Apple’s capitalization is approaching $ 1 trillion, but this line has already been taken by another company

Chinese PetroChina reached this mark 11 years ago.

After May 4, the financier Warren Buffett announced an increase in the share in Apple, the company’s capitalization has grown and for the first time overcame the mark of $ 930 billion. Analysts expect that in the near future, its capitalization can reach $ 1 trillion.

However, Apple will not be the first company in the world, whose capitalization has reached $ 1 trillion. The Chinese oil and gas company PetroChina overcame this mark in November 2007, when the value of its shares tripled over the first day of trading on the stock exchange in Shanghai. However, the next day, capitalization began to fall, falling to March 2008 below $ 500 billion. Now PetroChina is the fifth largest company in China.

The first company, whose capitalization reached $ 500 billion, became Microsoft in July 1999. Apple first broke the mark of $ 500 billion in February 2012.

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