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The Road Story: how the Russian director made a musical film-journey about India completely on the iPhone

He did not use any additional equipment, except for the usual stabilizer and cable box.

Producer George Tarasov published a mini-film The Road Story (shot on iPhone) about a trip to the Indian states. For his shooting , only iPhone 8 and X were used: without special lenses and additional lighting.

This is the fourth video of Tarasov in the framework of the project The Road Story, whose idea in the cinematic shooting of a real journey on a motorcycle on different corners of the planet. For the last video, the team went to the Indian states and visited Pushkar, Delhi, Shimla, Jodhpur, Jaipur, and also climbed to the top of the Himalayas.

In a conversation with , the project director Georgy Tarasov and producer of the production company Cameraptor Sergei Valyaev told about the filming of the video. According to the director, he decided to shoot everything on the iPhone, since “phones now have everyone with them” and they all use it.

It all started with the fact that I just took pictures on the iPhone. And then we decided that you can try to take something cool on iPhone and prove that it can be done qualitatively. It turned out that you just need to try a little, and the phone will work wonders.

Georgiy Tarasov

The director noted that from the additional equipment he used only the usual stabilizer Zhiyun Smooth Q and light “cable” (cable with fastening and motor for the camera). According to Tarasov, Apple undeservedly blamed for advertising from the series “Shooted on the iPhone.”

It’s just that in advertising and other professional shootings, professionals who understand how to work with light work. And visually always it is visible, that is removed on phone, and that is not present.

Georgiy Tarasov

Previous videos The Road Story the director shot on ordinary amateur cameras, which anyone can buy. However, in the first video used Canon Mark 3 with a special firmware, and in the third video – the camera BlackMagic. According to Tarasov, it was easier to shoot for iPhone, because it weighs less, but there were also disadvantages.

The main disadvantage is that if you shoot at a camera at high speeds, it looks like a jelly effect. Because of this, I can not afford too much dynamics.

Georgiy Tarasov

The team noted that the video is not related to Apple’s advertising: it’s just an experiment. In addition, in Russia the company does not have a full-fledged representative office, which deals with similar projects.

At us Apple in general in Russia does not do a content. Only the western turns. I would like it to be advertising. But no. Eh.

Sergey Valyaev
producer Cameraptor

According to Tarasov, mobile cameras have a future, but everything depends on the tasks.

The idea here was to shoot the video as much as anyone can. And so we took a regular iPhone, without special lenses and complex devices, and made a movie. The only thing: used a special application for recording, in which you can fix the focus, aperture and so on.

Georgiy Tarasov

According to Tarasov, the “token” of the project The Road Story is in travel. The hero passes a real non-staged path on a motorcycle, and the team goes along with it.

This time we skated two and a half weeks across India and filmed on the go. We planned the day so as to pass a certain segment, take a little picture and sleep, so that the next day we go further.

Georgiy Tarasov

The post-production took several weeks. The most difficult task was color correction, which gave cadres to the cadres. The installer said that he will continue to work with mobile cameras, “if there is such a problem.” According to Valyaev, the Cameraptor plans already have a project for shooting which will use a mobile camera.

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