In France, they forbade the use of smartphones in schools. Many countries in Europe do the same

No devices in the classroom are one of Makron’s pre-election promises.

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The French parliament finally approved a bill that prohibits the use of smartphones in secondary and primary schools. The ban will touch any gadgets with an Internet connection, including smart watches, and will begin operating in September 2018.

The ruling party was voted in favor of the bill, “Forward, the Republic,” as well as the Democratic Movement and the Union of Democrats and Independent. Critics were Republicans, Communists and participants in the “Non-contending France.” The ban was one of the pre-election promises of President Emmanuel Macron, who already welcomed his acceptance.

How the ban will work:

  • children from three to 15 years old will not be able to use smartphones and other similar devices, both in lessons and at changes;
  • Teachers on a par with children can not use devices;
  • for extra-curricular activities, special cases and for children at home schooling there may be exceptions – this will be decided by the school;
  • Children with disabilities or developmental disabilities to use smartphones are not prohibited.

Why this prohibition is needed:

The parties that supported the bill said they want to protect children from excessive Internet hobby and dependence on technology. Those who criticized the document referred to the fact that in France, since 2010, it is forbidden to use smartphones in classrooms, if there is no “educational purpose”.

According to the French telecommunications agency ARCEP, over 90% of children in France between the ages of 12 and 17 are using smartphones. Also, government experts believe that excessive enthusiasm for electronics leads to addiction and sleep disorders.

Where such a ban is already in effect:

  • schools in the UK have the right to ban smartphones – this was used by a third of schools;
  • most Swedish schools also do not allow their students to use the devices;
  • in Germany, smartphones are banned in dispatching stations after a case when trains collided due to the fault of the distracted controller;
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