Icon in iOS 12 shows the design features of the new iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro will probably get a display with thin frames, but there will not be a monobrovy in it. To such conclusions came enthusiasts, drawing attention to the tablet icon in one of the versions of iOS 12 for developers. The device shown in the icon also lacks the Home button. It is noted that in the same way last year, the features of the appearance of the iPhone X.

Then the icon of the top smartphone Apple found in the accessed software HomePod. As writes The Verge, previously there was information about the frameless devices of the American company, so the icon of the iPad Pro may well reflect the real state of things.

At the same time, there were rumors about the transfer of Apple’s tablets to FaceID’s face recognition technology, which is contradicted by the icon with the missing “visor”. The source of the information was the same beta iOS 12.

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