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Finland: a woman who tried to stop the plane to prevent the deportation of migrants was quickly arrested

It seemed to her that she was going to achieve fame in social networks and become the next Elin Ersson , instead she was immediately arrested and managed to detain the plane for only ten minutes.

Tuesday, at the Helsinki Airport, police escorted Aino Pennanen, a member of the Green Party of Finland, from the plane for refusing to board. Penannen stated that she protested against the deportation of another passenger. The police make Pennanen inflict an air misdemeanor, but she is not suspected of committing a criminal offense. The flight was delayed for 10 minutes.

The head of the green party Touko Aalto supported her behavior:

Brave Aino Pennanen tried to prevent the deportation of a person [from the country]. Attention to the glaring problems of human rights can not depend on the civil bravery of individuals. Official Finland should wake up.

A week ago, the same incident occurred in Sweden, where a student refused to sit down and deferred the deportation of an Afghan. Most of the media wrote about this story, calling the student ” hero ” who committed “a dramatic act of civil disobedience.”

The Afghan migrant was convicted of murder. He is still going to deport, although the exact date of expulsion is still unknown.

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