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Examples of slow-mo video on Samsung Galaxy S9. IPhone can not do this

Already familiar with slow-motion, shoot or just plan? It seems that this type is already in the past: the era of super- slow Super Slow-Motion videos comes .

With the help of Samsung Galaxy S9 + tested a new mode to share their own lifes, impressions from use and demonstrate the possibility of video shooting at 960 frames per second for creativity.

All that you have forgotten about the Samsung Galaxy S9 +

I’m testing the Samsung S9 + camera for a month already. Although DxO tests put the Chinese flagships Xiaomi and OnePlus in the first place , real tests automatically show the complete superiority of Korean developers.

Is it any wonder?

The smartphone itself selects the appropriate aperture value and adjusts the light stream that enters the sensor, instantly throws the image into the camera’s own memory, resembling processing with the built-in DSP-processor.

At this time, the CPU is free of processing, so all of its resources are sent to the camera application: focus, frame scaling, automatic selection of suitable camera parameters and color / white balance adjustment.

Thanks to the incredible speed of all components, the developers realized ultra-fast shooting at a speed of 960 frames per second , previously only available in professional slow-motion cameras for special effects or fast-moving processes.

We can say that testing the ultra-slow shooting mode Samsung Galaxy S9 + (in S9 it too is) under the name Super Slow-Motion became for me a kind of symbol of the superiority of its camera: the possibilities of professionals in a small, captivating flagship.

It’s time to figure out how Super Slow-Motion works and what it’s capable of.

Super Slo-mo vs. competitors


Super Slow-Motion  – several unique slow motion modes with a frequency of 960 frames per second. Unrealistically cool chip.

What is unique about 960 frames per second? This is exactly 4 times higher than the capabilities of the camera module iPhone X, which removes the base for smartphones 240 frames ! Other photo-flagships from Huawei, Google (Pixel), Sony, ZTE and even action cameras are lagging behind.

During normal playback, 1 second of slow-motion shooting turns into 4. Too little to keep the bullet flying 🔫or dropping a drop of water 💧.

Typically, the cameras offer to shoot short slow-mo video at one speed. If you need not only storyboard movements, you have to either reduce the number of frames per minute with a video editor, or use a second camera.

Layfak. With Galaxy S9 + you can shoot without interruption: increasing to the limit the speed of shooting only for the necessary scenes right during video recording at normal speed.


Shooting is possible in two modes: either only until the end of recording the Slow-mo section ( “Single frame” ), or repeatedly within the same conventional video ( “Multiple frames” ). In manual or automatic mode, to choose from.

A small nuance: competitors in the face of the iPhone X, Huawei P20 and Xperia XZ2 shoot video at 240 frames per second with FullHD resolution (1920 × 1080), while the resolution of Super Slow-Motion Samsung movies is always HD (1240 × 720).

In fact, the difference is almost imperceptible: even professionals today remove special effects with this resolution, by performing software processing in the final part of the editing.

How to use Super Slow-mo

ATTENTION. The time of recording video with 960 frames per second is limited, is 0.2 seconds . When shooting multiple Slow-Motion scenes in one video, the maximum time is not more than 6.4 seconds .

Step 1. Selecting the mode and setting the capture area


1.1. Run the stock camera application. In the upper part of the Svaypami choose the Super Slow-Motion mode .

1.2. bright yellow frame will appear in the center – the area where the Super Slow-Motion movement is captured.

Note. To move the frame of the capture area, you need to touch the center and drag it to the desired location. To change the size of the zone, you need to draw a corner of the selected area.

Step 2. Select the shooting mode


2.1. Select in the settings mode for recording ultra-slow video (auto or manual), type of shooting (single Slow-mo or series).

Note. On the “automatic” smartphone follows the indicated on the screen of the smartphone zone and goes on to shoot 960 frames per second as soon as it starts moving. In manual mode, you need to press the key next to the shutter release button.

2.2. Let’s go, you can shoot!

Step 3: Edit the video

3.1. Finish the recording.

3.2. Go to the “Gallery”, where you can go to edit using the advanced built-in editor .

3.3. Conduct video editing. In the editor, you can trim, add music, convert Slow-Motion to standard speed (30 fps), convert video to GIF (played at 30 fps).

Note. For GIF-animation, 3 playback options are available: infinite, reverse or alternating (back and forth).

An example of GIF animation created with the Galaxy S9 +

An example of Super Slow-Motion on the Galaxy S9 +. Automatic capture mode

Example video with several elements of Super-Slow Motion. Automatic capture mode

Example of a single Super Slow-Motion. Manual capture mode

Example of Super Slow-Motion. A glowing object in complete darkness. Manual capture mode

Features of slow motion shooting on the Samsung Galaxy S9 +


Compact dimensions of the optical system of the smartphone impose limitations on the shooting of ultra-slow video. There are not many of them, but it is better to prepare in advance.

During high-speed shooting, the sensor of the camera receives much less light than for normal photography, so for the Super Slow-Motion mode you need good lighting. The ideal option will be daylight and incandescent lights.

Any LED and halogen lights flicker in time with the pulse of their circuit (transformer or capacitor). When shooting fast, their flicker is captured , which in the video is manifested in the effect of a strobe .

We must not forget that the Super Slow-Motion section of the recording is limited to 0.2 seconds . This is less than the reaction time of a person to start, so to avoid missing the right moment, it is worth combining automatic motion capture and recording several ultra-slow moments in one video clip.

Shooting Super Slow-mo without a tripod – not the most pleasant pleasure. The camera stabilizer for ultra-slow recording does not work , and the trembling of hands on the record is noticeable as never before.

Still because of this, automatic capture works , since when the smartphone shakes objects in relation to it start to move.

Why Super Slow-Motion – a new breakthrough?


Evaluation of new technologies is always difficult: in comparison with ideas worked out in the past, there are a lot of shortcomings. Nevertheless, Super Slow-Motion leaves a pleasant impression of the improved technology, suitable for amateur and professional tasks.

The new recording mode allows you to abandon semiprofessional equipment for shooting special effects , sports events or important moments of life – any dynamic scenes that you want to capture on the frame.

It’s 960 frames per second you need a video camera to have time to keep the torn tape at the finish, capture the moment of cutting large fish, catch the movements of animals in the wild.

The usual 240 frames are sufficient only for ordinary human movements, which are slow enough compared to the described events.


With a lack of lighting, Super Slow-Motion on the Galaxy S9 + becomes more difficult, but a tripod and automatic shooting mode make it possible to shoot excellent slow motion pictures.

Summarizing, we can confidently say that the Super Slow-mo mode is not just a successful experiment , but also a working tool.

And if you combine it with other features of Samsung Galaxy S9 +, especially with video shooting, it becomes clear that before us is a real find for a professional photo artist and video blogger:

The amateur and beginner will also cope and will be able to use the camera of the new Galaxy to the fullest. You just need to navigate and choose what you want to shoot – a photo or video. All the rest will make Samsung and advanced automatic shooting modes.

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