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In Texas, a shark was wrapped in diapers and kidnapped from an aquarium on a baby carriage

Policemen who accepted the challenge, at first decided that it was a joke.

Horned shark, a photo of John Turnbull (John Turnbull), Flickr
Horned shark, a photo of John Turnbull (John Turnbull), Flickr

In the city of San Antonio in Texas, three unknown people stole a shark from an outdoor pool in the oceanarium. The fish was taken out under the guise of a baby, wrapped in diapers. This was reported by the local TV channel KSAT 12.

According to the police chief of the Leon Valley County Joseph Salvaggio (Joseph Salvaggio), the group consisted of two men and a woman. They took a shark by the tail, took it out of the pool and went into the service room. There the fish was wrapped in a wet blanket and put in a bucket, which was put in a baby carriage.

Manager of the aquarium Jenny Spellman (Jenny Spellman) said that one of the employees noticed the theft and notified the management. According to the girl, the thieves put the shark in a bucket of bleach, which could harm her.

The staff of the aquarium called the police, but at first they decided that it was a rally.

At first, when we received the call, we thought it was some kind of joke because of the ” shark week “. But it turned out that someone really got into the oceanarium and stole a horned shark.

Joseph Salvagio
police chief of Leon Valley County

According to police, the group came to the aquarium specifically for this shark and was well prepared. When the manager of the oceanarium decided to detain the group in the parking lot, one of the men tried to give a shark for the child.

The kidnapper refused to show the truck in which the shark was placed, saying that his son is very sick and they need to leave immediately. After that, he got into the car and left, leaving the woman and the other man in the parking lot.

The police have already tracked down the truck and now determine who was behind the wheel. According to the police, the suspect has already been detained, but the car was confiscated, but no charges have been filed yet. The shark was found in a truck and returned to the aquarium.

When all suspects are detained, they can be accused of theft. Salvaggio noted that the police find out whether federal authorities can join the charges. In his opinion, the shark is unlikely to survive.

It will be amazing if the shark survives. We hope so, but it was beyond the comfortable environment in which it should be. There are high chances that the shark will not survive.

Joseph Salvagio
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