The first partisan festival of street art “Carte Blanche”

In anticipation of the graffiti from Banksy in Moscow, it is worth to evaluate the work of local street artists, the first partisan festival of street art “Carte Blanche” took place in Yekaterinburg. It was attended by 36 famous street artists and their associations.

The festival is independent. The organizers of the festival, who wished to remain anonymous, refused to support the state and commercial companies in favor of independence – the expenses covered the funds raised from the sale of works of artists on the site .

“Many artists have forgotten what it’s like to draw illegally, to leave the comfort zone. Street artists “domesticated”: moved to galleries and commercial sites, create their own work exclusively within the framework of festivals, which, in turn, turned into art competitions. We propose to recall what it means to struggle with circumstances, to argue with dissatisfied residents and even the police, but still do their work. We call street artists to return to the streets, to go beyond their established style, to decide on experiments, to try out new techniques, genres and unfamiliar materials “

All the works created for the festival you can see in his public VKontakte or telegram channel .

I hope the editors will supplement the material with the best works

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