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Scientists have confirmed the identity of Banksy with the help of geo-profiling

Researchers from Queen Mary College in London said that they were able to confirm the identity of the famous artist Banksy, analyzing the places in which he supposedly worked. This is reported by The Independent .

According to researchers, the famous graffiti artist is actually called Robin Gunningham (Robin Gunningham). He is a graduate of a private school in Bristol.

Rumors that Cunningham is Banksy have been circulating since 2008, after the British media published an investigation on this topic, but their evidence was mostly indirect.

To connect the personalities of Cunningham and Banksy, scientists used geo-profiling – a method of searching criminals that is gaining popularity in criminalistics. Researchers compared data on 140 places in which the artist allegedly painted his graffiti, with information about places that Cunningham often visited.

Robin Cunningham
Robin Cunningham

According to scientists, the results of an experiment based on publicly available data make it possible to say with great certainty that Cunningham and Banksy are one and the same person.

I would be very surprised if it turned out that this is not Cunningham, it is understandable even without any analysis. However, it is interesting that our experiment supports this theory.

Steve Le Combert, co-author of the study

Places where the works of the famous graffiti artist were placed, scientists compared with the places of crimes. In their opinion, with the help of geographical profiling in the future it will be possible to quickly identify terrorist cells or places of residence of serial criminals. In addition, this technique is already used to find foci of malaria.

As the Independent notes, research publications were unsuccessfully tried to prevent Banksy’s lawyers, but they were indignant not at the possible discovery of the artist’s personality, but in the large amount of his personal data collected by scientists in one document.

Critics of the study note that Banksy works most often anonymously, and it’s impossible to determine whether he drew a specific graffiti, and so, for geo-profiling in this case, one should not rely.

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