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Jump out of the car and dance! The best memes and viral videos of July

July was a pretty quiet month in social networks. The World Football Championship came to an end, and the jokers left for a break. However, we still tried to collect the most interesting and ridiculous. Here and flash mob of reckless drivers, and swinging on the field of Neymar, and a portal to the musical hell of a modern youth application.

Keke Challenge

US federal authorities warn the local population that participation in this flashmob can cost Americans life. Maximum. And at least they face a fine of $ 1000. But those still continue to participate in the flash mob Keke Challenge, which is to jump out of the car while it slowly rolls, and dance to the song Dyke In In Mу Feelings. There are already enough successful and failed examples of the Keke Challenge on the Internet.

🙄keke do you love me ?

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Sometimes people go alone in the car, and there is no one to follow the rolling car, which sometimes leads to sad consequences. Below in the video you can see a selection of such failures. True, some of them are a banal “order”, but nevertheless …

Unflappable Jerzy Targalsky

The Polish historian and political scientist Jerzy Targalsky lives next door to the cat. At least this way (and not the other way around) considers a Pole cat. And the cat demonstrated this during an interview that Jerzy gave the Dutch TV channel. When Jerzy was telling something on the camera, the cat climbed up to the man’s shoulder, began rubbing his cheeks against him, and then closed his eyes with Jerzy. However, he was so keen that he simply pushed his tail, but did not remove the cat itself. Naturally, in the final version of the reportage this passage was not included. On the Internet, he posted a TV journalist Rudi Baum.


Rolling like Neimar

Yes, the World Cup has already died down, and in part about it we wrote in the previous issue. But bypassing the number of moving pictures about the simulating Neimar simply can not. Too all of the “girl’s” behavior of an adult millionaire peasant maneuvered too well.

That’s why even comment on short videos does not make much sense. You yourself will understand everything perfectly. At least look at this one.

For example, according to users of social networks, the reunion of the Neimar family.

Someone thinks that Neimar himself could replace the ball. He has an excellent rolling coefficient on the lawn.

And so he could behave in real life. If, of course, people were given yellow cards.

In general, in Indian series you can find quite a lot of actors with the level of play Neimar.

Enthusiasts have calculated that for five matches in the championship, Neimar was lying on the lawn for 14 minutes.

Sheepdog and hide and seek

German Shepherd Max does not know how to play hide and seek. Seriously, even if you were a dog, you would not be so stupid. The confused dog was first entangled in the blanket, and then could not see the owner ten centimeters from himself. And even the cries of the man did not help much searching. Well, you can see for yourself.

Hide and seek part 2😋 Combined the #WhatTheFluffChallenge with the new #HideAndSeekChallenge! Post your hide and seek videos and use the hashtag so I can watch them! @jadethesablegsd _____________________________ Pawtners: @mabry.the.gsd @niko_the_gsd_ _____________________________ My diet: @trudoghealth

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As a result of banal video pryatok turned into a real What The Fluff Challenge, which we described last month.

Portal to hell
You have to be a damn bold and reckless person to spread yourself singing on the Internet. People in the compilation below have enough courage and recklessness, because they publish their musical videos in the music service under popular songs. And the user of the Twitter slava_daylight all looks at them and chooses the most … It is difficult to characterize. Simply the most.

Humorous Wimbledon

At Wimbledon this year was an indicative match of tennis stars. The stars of the last years Todd Woodbridge, Jonas Bjorkman, Mansour Bahrami and Goran Ivanishevich took part in it. And such tennis you will not see anywhere in official matches. The blows were comical, like the players’ talks, their positions and the sounds they were making.

For example, one of the tennis players even parodied Neimar, when the partner hit him with a tennis ball in the back.

However, the rest of the match was for spectators a set of humoresks.


And traditionally we end our selection with funny videos from Coub service.

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