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British DJ accidentally revealed the alleged name of the artist Banksy

The version that the founder of Massive Attack is behind the anonymous person, has become more realistic.

Participant of Massive Attack Robert Del Nye
Participant of Massive Attack Robert Del Nye

British DJ and musician Clifford Price, better known as Goldie, in an interview accidentally mentioned the alleged name of street artist Banksy – Robert. The media saw in this confirmation of the version that the person behind the anonym may be a member of Massive Attack and artist Robert Del Naja (Robert del Naja).

On June 20, Goldie became a guest of the Podcast Podcast Distraction, where he spoke with the presenter about graffiti and his involvement in the art world. The DJ also complained that street art was “blackened” by negative associations. At some point, it was about Banksy and his personal brand.

Take a cloud for the text, write inside the “Banksy”, put it on the T-shirt and it’s done: we can put it on sale.

No disrespect for Robert, he is a brilliant artist. I think he turned the art world upside down.

Goldie, DJ and musician

Immediately after Goldie said the word “Robert”, he paused for a few seconds and changed the subject of the conversation. More about the personality of the artist in the podcast was not said.

Goldie is fond of street art, he himself painted graffiti and is known as a close friend of Robert Del Nye.

The version that Del Naya is hiding behind the identity of an anonymous artist was first made public in the investigation of British journalist Craig Williams. The reporter made this conclusion, comparing the appearance of graffiti Banksy with the schedule of concerts Massive Attack. In addition, Del Naya admitted that he was familiar with Banksy, and the opening address to the book The Art of Massive Attack was written by an anonymous artist.

In April 2017, in a shopping center not far from Tel Aviv, the woman allegedly tookBanksy’s face off . She saw a man in camouflage pants and a hat, which at the sight of the camera almost immediately covered his face with his hand and asked to complete the survey. In this shopping center Banksy planned an exhibition of works.

A man in the pavilion of a shopping center in Israel, who was mistaken for Banksy

To the video from Israel, like other commercials with the alleged appearance of the artist, many are skeptical. Opponents of the version that Banksy still uncovered, claimed that he was too concerned about his anonymity and would not have appeared in a public place without a balaclava.

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