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“Bork in the kitchen of the president”: the manufacturer of household appliances used footage with Putin in advertising

The company noticed its toaster and kettle in the President’s kitchen. True, in the video of 2012.

In late May, the manufacturer of household appliances Bork published a video in which he employed cadres with Vladimir Putin. The publication “Project” drewattention to this .

A 20-second video was taken from the release of NTV’s “Central Television” program, which was released in October 2012. In it, Putin talks in the kitchen with the presenter Vadim Takmenev and treats him with a signature cocktail with horseradish and beetroot (from 38 minutes of the video).

The President got up and went to the refrigerator. At first, even somehow I could not believe that there was such an object in his life. But here it is, please.

At first it was possible to think that behind this door, at least, tubes with top-secret food. And there was a standard set of an ordinary apartment: milk, kefir, a box of juice and ketchup.

Vadim Takmenev

In Bork noticed that Putin uses the company’s equipment in the kitchen and added to the video the names of models of a teapot, a toaster, a blender and a juicer. “Project” specified that advertising is shown in the retail stores of the manufacturer.

Screenshot from the clip Bork

In the video it is noticeable that Putin limps. In the fall of 2012, rumors spread in the media that the president is developing a serious illness. They were dispelled by the press secretary Dmitry Peskov, who said that the head of state received a “sports injury”.

It is not known whether Putin allowed Putin to use his image in the company’s advertising. In any case, the video violates the law ” On Advertising “, which prohibits to indicate that the object of advertising is approved by “officials”.

At the time of writing, a quick comment was not received from Bork’s press service. The leader of “Central Television” Vadim Takmenyov said that he was “surprised by the message” and said that he would watch the video.

Last Updated: The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia intends to check the video “Bork in the kitchen of the President.”

The Federal Antimonopoly Service will investigate the circumstances, and in case of revealing the signs of the violation, the agency will take measures provided by law.

press-service of FAS
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