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The show “This is Good” was released on Pornhub and topped the rating of the “hottest” videos from Russia

Almost 13 minutes, you can not rewind.

Stas Davydov’s show “This is Good” for the first time in eight years of existence did not come out on YouTube, but on Pornhub, and within two days reached the first line in the section “Hottest Porn Videos in Russia” (Hottest Porn Videos in Russia).

Issue number 666 is completely devoted to the video review on the topic of porn: probably Davidov published it not on YouTube, so as not to violate the rules of video hosting. By July 29, the video received 297,000 views. The ratio of likes to dislikes at the time of writing a note was 94%.

Top rated the most "hot" video from Russia
Top rated the most “hot” video from Russia
In the issue of Davydov, she watches porn videos with “robots” Boston Dynamics, an actress singing the song “Sharks” called “Little”, pterodactyls, shooting chestnuts from a slingshot into a naked girl, poor Russian dubbing, Czech actors who play poorly and speak English, as well as transsexuals. In the end there is a selection of bare photos from spectators of the show – respectively, without censorship.
Comments under the issue "This is Good" on Pornhub
Comments under the issue “This is Good” on Pornhub
On YouTube, Davydov published a six-minute announcement, most of which is white noise. In the description for the video, a link to Pornhub is indicated.

Users from Russia can log in to Pornhub after authorization through “VKontakte”, which is necessary to check age. Such a measure appeared in July 2017.

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