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The first gorillaz concert in Russia was interrupted due to a downpour in Moscow

At the Park Live festival, the musicians played a few songs and left the price.


The first Russian concert of Gorillaz at the Park Live festival in Moscow was interrupted due to heavy rain and thunderstorms. Judging by the records of users at the concert, the performance lasted about an hour and was interrupted for technical reasons.

Judging by the video from Instagram, Gorillaz managed to play a few songs in the rain. As TASS noted, the Ministry for Emergency Situations warned that a thunderstorm and a downpour continued in Moscow until the end of July 28 and issued a storm warning.

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On the screens in front of the stage showed the statements of the organizers, who asked the audience for forgiveness and explained that the continuation of the concert would lead to “human victims”. One of the eyewitnesses said that lightning struck the crowd, but no one was killed.

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The British group Gorillaz came to Russia for the first time in 20 years of its existence. In April 2017 the band released a new album “Humanz”, in June 2018 – “Now Now”.

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