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Putin appropriated Russian footballers the title of honored masters of sports. Other athletes are unhappy

Olympic champions and a volleyball player believe that the quarter-finals of the 2018 World Cup – not such a serious achievement.

Photo by Daria Isayeva, "Sport Express"
Photo by Daria Isayeva, “Sport Express”

On July, 28th Vladimir Putin has accepted football players of a Russian national team in the Ministry of Sports where has awarded them for achievements on the World championship. The Russian team for the first time in history reached the quarterfinals of the world tournament, but lost to the Croatian national team.

19 players of the national team received the title of Honored Masters of Sports, including the most vivid players of the 2018 World Cup – Artem Dzyuba, Igor Akinfeev and Denis Cheryshev. The title of the deserved coaches was given to the team coach and his assistants – Stanislav Cherchesov, Miroslav Romashchenko and Vladimir Panikov. Separately goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev and defender Sergey Ignashevich received the Order of Honor, and the head coach – the Order of Alexander Nevsky.

Now I understand the expression “no words”. I did not understand before. I can say with all responsibility from the guys that we did our work not because of awards, but because we represent Russia, the dignity and honor of our country. And this, on the one hand, was done morally, but from the sports side not to the end.

Stanislav Cherchesov
head coach of the Russian national team ( quotation on “Sport-Express” )

However, not everyone was happy with the rewarding of the players. Two-time world champion in volleyball, Ekaterina Gamova, criticized thedecision of the Ministry of Sports to give Russian players the title of masters of sports.

Some strange-different attitude in our country towards the achievements of athletes. Someone to win the title of Honored Master of Sports, you need to win the World Cup or become a prize-winner of the Olympic Games, and someone gets only for the exit in the quarter finals!

I’m sorry that the title ZMS (Honored Master of Sports) depreciates. For our gold World Cup 2010 not all players of our team received ZMC, wrote off that they are not the main players, but we are the same team. I got my ZMS title after the Olympics in Sydney 2000, not being a player of the starting six, but I was on the team, I trained all the fees and also went out to play.

This is not a complaint to the guys, it’s a big question for the heads of Russian sports

Ekaterina Gamova
double world champion in volleyball

Olympic tennis champion Yevgeny Kafelnikov agreed with Gamova, noting that he is also an Olympic champion without the title of Honored Master of Sports. “They chose such a president, so you can reap the benefits,” the athlete added.

Our esteemed president does what he wants to do. He considers it necessary to reward Cherchesov, Akinfeev and Ignashevich – his will and right. I do not know the public opinion here. You chose the president, so be surprised.

Evgeny Kafelnik
Olympic champion in tennis

Partially with both athletes agrees two-time Olympic figure skating champion Maxim Trankov. However, he added that the title ZMS in football “is awarded a little by other criteria.”

On the other hand, the players of the deserved masters of sports hardly fulfilled the standard, becoming the quarter-finalists of the 2018 World Cup. If the Minister of Sport decided to appropriate, it means that he found it necessary to do it. He has this legal authority.

two-time Olympic champion in figure skating
Maxim Trankov

For which they give the title of Honored Master of Sports

In Russia, the awarding of the title ZMS is stipulated in the “Regulations on the award of honorary sporting titles”, approved by the order of the Ministry of Sports in 2017. “Sport-Express” quoted excerpts from there about who has the right to receive this award:

  • athletes who took part in the Russian national team (team or personally) first-third place in the Olympic, Paralympic and Deaflympics;
  • athletes who took the first place in the Russian national team at the World Championships / European Championships, with more than 150 qualifying points;
  • as an exception, athletes for their outstanding contribution to the enhancement of the prestige of Russia and Russian sports at the international level<
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