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Footballer Golovin officially moved to the “Monaco”. In social networks worry that he will not play for the Russian national team

Spoiler – will, because the transition to the French club does not mean a transition to the French team.

Alexander Golovin in the video-presentation "Monaco"
Alexander Golovin in the video-presentation “Monaco”

On July 27, CSKA and Monaco football clubs officially announced the transfer of midfielder Alexander Golovin to the French team. The amount of the transfer was 30 million euros – this made him the most expensive Russian player in history.

However, in social networks began to worry that Golovin will play for the French national team, not the Russian national team. Most of these comments appeared in the official accounts of the Russian national team in Instagram and in VKontakte . The users left questions like “And will Golovin now play for Russia?”.

Wait! I do not understand, he is leaving the Russian team ?!


Are you still in the Russian national team?


And he that more for Russia will not play?


Now he will not play for the Russian national team?


And he will play for the Russian national team at the European Championship or World Cup?

Anastasia Matveeva

And Alexander Golovin will continue to play in the Russian team?


Will he come back to the next World Cup?


Someone from the men explain without nerves, as it soars Monaco, and will continue to play for Russia. What kind of scheme is this?


In Instagram the authors of the official account of the Russian national team had to explain that the national team and the club are not the same. And Alexander Golovin, playing for the French “Monaco”, still remains a player of the Russian national team.

Users of social networks suggested that the questions were asked by fans who started watching football just because of the home World Cup. Other users are encouraged not to treat them strictly, because they only recently began to get involved in football.

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