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Egyptian zoo was accused of painting a donkey under a zebra

The director of the zoo denies all the allegations and claims that the animal is present.

A zebra or an ass? At least, this is definitely not a dress

18-year-old Mahmoud Sarhan, visiting a zoo in the Egyptian capital Cairo on July 21, then published in his Facebook picture that quickly became viral.

Sarhan signed a photo (in Arabic): “The stupidity in this country has reached such proportions that they took a local donkey and repainted it in a zebra”

According to Sarkhan, the animal in the picture was not a real zebra, as it had a paint in its face, and the size of the ears did not correspond to the norm for zebras.

However, the director of the zoo Mohammed Sultan (Mohammed Sultan) did not agree with the charges, saying in an interview with the local news channel Youm 7 that this is a real zebra, and not colored. He also assured journalists that all animals are treated well and regularly.

Nevertheless, the PETA animal protection organization, which has studied the pictures, in a public statement transmitted to CNN, claims not to see any signs of good animal care, and hopes that the Cairo authorities will pay attention to this whole situation.

Zebra image for comparison
Zebra image for comparison

In general, this is not the first case of such cunning: for example, in 2013, one Chinese zoo tried to extradite a Tibetan mastiff for a lion – zoo workers did not even bother what the “lion” barked.

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